Can we do that..??

I love my phone, man, but not more than I love people around me, you know ?

I mean, everybody says phones are for connecting, right ? My theory is, they use these phones to avoid people. Because when you really want to connect, you disconnect from your phone and you connect to the people around you! You know what I mean ?

We see lot of  these things around, where people are just together for the heck of it, I mean these couples who are not even talking to each other, kids playing games on the phone, moms surfing shopping sites, dad busy with talking with the clients, they stare at screens getting to know how things are going with their so called FB friends or people whom they don’t even know , instead of getting closer to loved ones. We actually have to interact like human beings instead of like robots.

Let’s stay connected to happiness ! Can we do that ?


Titli ❤


Last time….

When was the last time u spoke to someone in person without even checking your phone..
When was the las time u slept under the star and felt life is so beautiful…
When was the last time you sat near the sea just enjoying the view n peace…
When was the last time you dint think about the future…
when was the last time you lived every moment of present…
And when was the last time you loved someone without hesitation n doubts…



Friends… Life line <3


Hi there…

Back again…. I am sorry for disappearing a lot these days :p

Recently I visited Bangalore and this was very short trip but 2 of my  very good friends made sure we can make the most of this trip 🙂

Only thing I wanted was that should be around, and guess what one of them took off and other managed to cook and order after coming from office and then you get the feeling that you are so blessed to have them…  ❤ *touchwood*

Also since this was new city and way back to hotel there was nobody accompanying me except for the Uber driver and its not like i can not reach back hotel by myself, both of them were tracking my location… which is kind of cute…  I mean friends are like that no… wherein they don’t show that they care with that stupid poker face and mean jokes but when they secretly do…  its so cute and attractive 🙂

When they click pictures only because you want it and when they hear your non -stop nonsense stories…  and still smiles and then pull your leg later… Moment of bliss 🙂

When they give you boyfriend advise and when they are over protective about who you seeing…. hahaha

This post is dedicated to all my friends who always stood by me through my thick and thin and never told me “I told you so” when something went wrong… You guys know who you are and I don’t need friendship day to say this to all of you…

I love you guys to the moon and back ❤ you guys are my lifeline… ❤

Chalo chalo too much haan…. ab sab so jaao…. Good night and sleepwell 🙂 muaaahhh




When you believe in Good :)

Title says it all….  When you believe in good,  good thing happens to you,  you bump into good people and all the negativity and drama starts fading away from your life…  Its like how my mom says “When you believe in magic,  everything begins to be magical around” ❤ and Moms are always right :*

As i mentioned in my last post that i have been travelling quite a lot these days and most of the time i prefer going out all by myself,  colleagues tell me that it ain’t safe and all,  etc etc and then my mom says it aint safe in your head…  You attract kind of energy you feel,  so if u feel alright just go… And trust me i met good people in different part of the world to help me..  🙂 i am gonna share 2 incidents here with all of you..

1. Moscow

I wanted to eat Indian veg food and it was late in the night we arrived,  so i decided to go to local restaurant but had no idea,  so in confused state i bumped into this good looking man and he guided me to one restaurant which was open till 2 in the morning..  And since i was all alone infact he walked with me to the restaurant,  i dint get the food though but he was still out waiting for me…  You know, normally you get skeptical of such behavior but i was ok…  He walked back to Hotel with me and disappeared and i was like may be he was my guarding angel 😀😊 hehe

Next morning I see him again and this time i decide to click picture with him 🙂


2. Budapest

I was searching for one particular store to buy something for myself… I went to this mall close to my hotel,  asked the security about the store and he showed me way and said 5 mins walk,   but i was still puzzled coz he said left but pointed right….  I say thank you,  step out of the mall and stand there thinking which way to go….  After 10 mins he sees me,  comes out and asks if i found the store..  I told him i dint go yet, he went little away from me and started talking on the walky talky and i was like ok he is gone…  I should figure out on my own how to reach…  He comes back and says “lets go”… I looked at him,  smiled and asked sir do you really wanna come with me…  He is like yes its just 5mins, i will drop you and come back 🙂 he dropped me to the store and left…  After i done shopping, I went back to the mall to just find him and say thank you for the help,  ohh yes i found him and clicked picture as well..


I have some more “Good people” coming up on my blog…  Keep reading 🙂

Until  then Be good,  Do good and Feel good 🙂


Titli ❤



Learning is a process….


Heylo there….!!!

I am back after almost 2 months and hope to keep writing as frequently as I can… 🙂 and this one is going to be really really short as need to rush for some grocery :p

I have been travelling and for me it’s like being out of my comfort zone, which made me realised one thing that “One should never stop learning in life” because honestly what you have learned so far is not enough for all that you gonna see or face in future… so keep learning and keep implementing things you learnt to experience all that is good in life… ❤

Good luck and Good Night…

See you guys soon again…


Titli ❤



“Believe” in everything you do to get what you want… sometimes just not believing is the only reason you don’t get something you worked so hard for…

Believe you are worth it,

Believe you can achieve,

Believe nothing can stop you,

Believe in your Dreams, they do come true and keep your eyes open to see it coming through…

Most importantly Believe in Him and His way of returning things to you, so do good 🙂


Titli 🙂



Stick to it…

I believe we must stick to the things we are doing and even if it isn’t making sense now, eventually it will, trust me… It will lead to the things you always wanted to do..  🙂

Have gratitude for the things, that you think went wrong , and then just think once again “if it would have not been wrong, how will you reach or start walking towards ‘what is right for you’.. So stick to it” and do your best ❤

Pick positive from everything that happens to you or in your surrounding..